• Izolační a vyzdívkářské práce

Insulating and lining operations solations

We perform:

  • turnkey insulations and linings of heat units
  • heat calculations
  • proposals for optimal lining materials
  • routine and general repairs of the linings of furnaces, boilers, incineration plants and other heat installations
  • modernization of heat unit linings – energy demand reduction

Refractory concrete shaped pieces

At the premises of a former painting shop in Telč, we make refractory concrete shaped pieces for various sectors of industry. We are continuing a tradition of hand-made ceramic production which has carried on at this site for many years. Our products too can unashamedly bear the label HAND MADE.

This type of manufacturing technology has several advantages:

  • possibility to produce very complicated shapes
  • prices are kept down to a reasonable level even for small series thanks to lower costs for moduls
  • repairs or installations of heat unit linings are carried out faster
  • finished linings do not need tempering

For our production we use not only our own mixtures, based on shale and corundum with a silicon carbide content, but also mixtures from domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Insulating materials

We offer high-temperature insulating materials based on ceramic and bio fibres, see the Pricelist

We have recently begun to offer reasonably priced micro-porous insulating boards, see the Pricelist for micro-porous.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in our offer, do not hesitate to contact us ….

Heating elements

We can make spare heating elements for industrial furnaces from various manufacturers in the following variants:

  • spirals for installation in grooves or on ceramic carriers
  • loops fixed on furnace walls by means of ceramic holders
  • panels made of refractory ceramics fitted with heating wires

To ensure the highest quality for our heating elements, and therefore a long life and stable performance, we supply them made solely out of heating wires from the company Kanthal.

Heating elements that include the above-mentioned carrying ceramic features (carriers and holders) are also available.

Custom projects

With our own resources, as well as in cooperation with our tried and trusted partners, we build heat installations/units on a turnkey basis.

If you are interested in a no-obligation quote, contact us and we will make you an offer to match your specifications…